Affluent Residential Roofing

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Affluent Residential Roofing

Any given Tuesday wearing a Flat Roof Tech shirt at the grocery store.

Wow, Flat Roof Tech huh?  I have/had a flat roof at on my house and absolutely hate/hated it.”

The good news is, you’re not alone. Flat Roofs are inherently difficult and many home builders have mastered the art of the one year roof that tends to correspond to their one year warranty. Making things worse, many townhomes have roofs under wooden decks, or tile, or, our personal favorite, require a 40ft ladder to inspect. If you’ve already called the “$149 Leak Repair- Guaranteed” sign (you know, the one next to the “Earn $500,000 Working Part Time From Home”) on the side of the road and want an actual professional to diagnose and fix your flat roof, you’ve come to the right place.

Want to know a secret? Residential, sloped roofing is really, really easy. Maybe that’s why there are over 400 residential roofing companies in Houston alone. Now consider that Texas, unlike many of its neighboring states, has no licensing, insurance, or professional requirements to put on a roof. Throw in the occasional infestation of storm-chasers and one can understand why Flat Roof Tech doesn’t actively pursue asphalt shingle residential roofs.

We routinely do shingle roofs for friends, family, shingled portions of commercial buildings, and some of the personal homes of our commercial clients. If you’ve made it this far and like what you’ve read  –  Contact Us Today.