Flat Roof Repair

Is Repairing The Best Option?


Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Commercial flat roof leak repair is a common service request. Most problems with leaking flat roofs are usually the result of either poor workmanship, lack of regular inspection and maintenance, or simply the result of an aging roof.

When big commercial roofs leak, it is imperative to determine the exact cause and location of the roof leak and then choose the best solution to repair or restore the roof. In extreme cases it may be necessary to replace the roof, but we’ve found that in many cases we can repair most commercial flat roofs at a fraction of the cost to replace them.

Sometimes our repair strategy may include an option to restore the roof instead of spot repairing it, but in either case, the cost of repairing the roof leaks is significantly less than a roof replacement. A properly repaired or restored and waterproofed flat roof will not leak. And for your peace of mind, all of our roof repairs and restorations include full warranties.

Repairing a Flat Roof

Tenants and employees get upset when it’s too hot, or too cold, but give them a steady stream of water from a roof leak and they’ll walk out or quit. Spilling a drink on your laptop is a ten second recipe for a bad day. A waterlogged, overhead tile bursting onto the server of an IT company over a long weekend is a great reason to catch the flu for a week and let someone else deal with it.

At Flat Roof Tech we have had the pleasure of dealing with roof leaks in sanctuaries, medical facilities, art studios, and yes, even data centers. Another especially challenging aspect of flat roof leaks is that they can be exceedingly difficult to diagnose, find, isolate, and fix.  If the AC blows cold air – it’s typically fixed. If an electrical outlet delivers power – it’s fixed. But if your roof is leaking during a rain storm? Caulked up – maybe it’s fixed. Patched- perhaps? Sealed and having a water hose run for an hour over the property with no leaks – probably, but still not definitive . While the HVAC repairman, plumber, electrician, cable guy, and just about every other trade rep can leave your property objectively knowing the problem is fixed – roofers aren’t always that lucky.


We Are Experts At Finding And Fixing Commercial Roof Leaks:

  1. We leverage the most advanced technology. Gone are the days of roofers showing up with a ladder, tube of caulk, invoice and a prayer.
    1. Flat Roof Tech has been trained and equipped with Infrared cameras by industry leader FLIR.
    2. Flat Roof Tech uses top-of-the-line moisture meters to not only diagnose the current leak, but also track down where the next leak will occur.
  2. Depending on your roof, we have a variety of material available that will seal and protect your roof from future leaks. Many of the same products we use to restore an entire roof are also applied in treating leaks.
  3. We test every leak we treat. We may have $100,000 in equipment, but nothing can recreate a leak like 20 minutes with a water hose.