Flat Roof Restoration


Commercial Flat Roof Restoration

Think you need a roof replacement company? One that specializes in flat roofs? Maybe. But maybe what you really need is a reputable roofing contractor that examines all of your options and then let’s you know if you really need to replace your roof or not. Sadly, the commercial roofing industry is full of roofing contractors and shady companies that are more interested in making a buck and selling you a complete roof replacement, instead of evaluating and inspecting your roof and then presenting you with the best alternatives. Spoiler alert, your flat roof probably doesn’t need replacement – you may just need a roof restoration!

Don’t just trust anyone to restore, replace, or repair your roof.

Flat Roof Tech is both certified and experienced in TPO, PVC, EPDM, and BUR. While many of these roofs are standard in new construction, we have found unmatched value, performance, and warranty for roof restoration work using High-Solid Silicone and Spray Polyurethane Foam.

With GE’s Enduris, we are manufacturer certified and able to provide up to a 20 year warranty fully backed by GE with an aesthetically attractive, “clean room white,” or match the coating’s to any color on the visible spectrum. Looks and warranty aside, our repair and restoration services can generally be completed in a fraction of the time of a full roof replacement, and don’t typically require you to shut down operations while we prep and coat the roof.

As a result of the shorter installation time, the total cost is less. Moreover, because we are completing a non-invasive restoration of the roof, the entire cost can be booked as an expense in the year the service is completed.

Contact us before it’s too late.

Waiting until your roof is so bad that it can’t be restored is one of the most costly mistakes a building owner can make.