Historic 12 Story High Rise - Galveston, Tx

Galveston, TX – Flat Roof Replacement Proves More Cost Effective Than Roof Repair

Heavy rainfall from hurricane Harvey pushed this 30 year roof well past its limit.  The existing roof had several leaks at the seams and penetrations. By selecting FlatRoofTech and GE Enduris, the owner was able to complete the project for less than half the cost of a replacement with no disruption to the tenants.

We cleaned, prepped, sealed and restored this roof in the same process as the others. With a modified bitumen roof, we also choose to put down a base coat of “Bleed Blocker.” This additional layer prevents the organic oils in the asphalt from bleeding into the GE Silicone. This is an elective step and has no bearing on the performance of the roof, but it does prevent the silicone from changing colors a few years later.

With some very important clients on the top floor of this historic building, a traditional replacement would have forced them to shut down and relocate their offices for weeks at a time in addition to expenses to block off the road for a 12 story crane in the already congested Galveston Island. The owners were able to circumvent these issues by selecting FlatRoofTech. We were able to complete 90% of the project during evening and weekend hours. This allowed for very little disruption to the tenants with an outstanding outcome. With proper maintenance and a touch up coat down the line, this historic building might just have its final roof with an extremely low cost of ownership.