Rock Hard Gym - Baytown, TX

Baytown, TX – Roof Restoration Using SPF and Silicone

A former grocery store, turned gym, whose roof had seen better days. It had maybe a year or two left before being past the point of restoration. There was severe alligatoring from shoddy repairs and whole swaths of modified bitumen that had separated from the roof.

While we explored PVC and TPO options, the customer ultimately decided on an extensive restoration with SPF (spray polyurethane foam) and Silicone with a ten-year material warranty. The photos speak for themselves.

Back view of the roof before restoration.

About as bad as it gets. This sheet of modified bitumen was completely removed from the parapet. We cut the entire section off and used SPF to fill in the exposed areas before putting down a top-coat of silicone.

Alligatoring. That’s the black cracking around the skylight that you see. Asphalt is very susceptible to UV rays and will begin cracking in less than a year in Texas climate. While it can temporarily stop a leak, the roof cement used here ends up creating more harm as it puts even more stress of the original roof through expanding and contracting. Also worth noting in this picture, is how worn down the existing roof is. Like a tire past its prime, you can see the skrim/thread from a decade of UV exposure.

Post cleaning, prep, and spray foamed areas. Halfway through the silicone application.

Arial view from directly overtop of the building shows the entire roof restoration completed.

Ready to Rock ‘n Roll!