Hank's Fish Market - Houston, Tx

Houston, TX – Commercial Roof Repair Using PVC

One of the last of its kind, Hank’s Fish Market was originally established in 1982. Over the last 35 years this family-owned, “you buy, we fry” urban seafood market and restaurant has enjoyed a stellar reputation for providing quality seafood and service to the delight of their customers. Unfortunately, their establishment’s built-up tar and gravel roof failed to exhibit the same prolific longevity and began jeopardizing their entire operation.

The family began noticing a significant increase in the number of water stains in the ceiling tiles following every rain shower. After a few of the leaks were visually identified near the restaurant’s kitchen area, they knew it was time to find an experienced commercial roofing contractor that they could trust to assess the problems and provide a solution that was workable within their budget.

Hank’s Fish Market chose Flat Roof Tech, and shortly after their initial contact, we went out to inspect the restaurant’s roof and property. Not surprisingly, our inspection identified a number of issues and vulnerabilities with the current roof. Consequently, we then provided them with a comprehensive, detailed proposal which itemized our complete solution tailored specifically to commercial property owners operating in the food and beverage industry.

PVC would be used  in the restaurant’s roof replacement in lieu of restoration. Specifically, Versico’s VersiFlex PVC System. Grease will eat through TPO over time so it is not typically a great choice as a commercial roof for restaurants and other facilities which handle or generate a lot of grease. PVC on the other hand, is made from plastic instead of oil based material, which makes it a much better choice for restaurants due to it’s resilance, and resistance to fire and chemicals including acids, bases, restaurant oils and grease. VersiFlex PVC is specifically designed for long-term performance.

Our proposal was accepted, and after a minimally disruptive 2-day installation, we successfully outfitted Hank’s Fish Market with a new VersiFlex PVC roof that they can confidently trust and rely on to keep their doors open (and their heads dry!) for many years to come!