Four Story town home- downtown houston, tx

Houston, TX – Flat Roof Leak Repair Options: Repair, Replace, Or Restore?

In the all too common cliche scenario of a home builder installing their own roofs to save a buck- this townhome community of $500,000 homes had leaks in 100% of the units. The TPO failed within three years of construction and water worked its way into all three of the floors below. The homeowners woke up to water dripping in their bed from the roof above. They had also experienced several other parts of the house where water had inexplicably come in, such as by the windows, in the garage, and by the fireplace.

In evaluating options for repairing or replacing the roof, we we’re able to make a case for a full restoration as it was considerably less expensive than replacing the roof and a much more robust solution than attempting to piecemeal repair every roof leak.

We first started by removing the existing deck and finding that the TPO had failed. Like our other projects, we began by prepping the surface to include removing the decking, pressure washing the membrane, sealing the seams, and then restoring with GE Enduris.

This homeowner decided to put AstroTurf over the GE silicone, which is technically not recommended, but looks really cool. They have had no leaks since our restoration. Surprisingly- the restoration of the roof stopped all the water coming in their house, from the third-floor master bedroom to the first floor garage. After completing the project, we learned that FlatRoofTech’s restoration was about 30% of the cost of our competitors… and they didn’t even have AstoTurf!