Grocery Store Metal Roof Installation - Houston, TX

Houston, TX – La Michocana Grocery Store Gets A New Metal Roof

This FRT project had a roughly 17,000 square foot metal roof that was installed on top of a modified bitumen roof. Prior to FRT, they had multiple leaks and a group of defunct HVAC units on the roof. There were extensive repairs made with roof cement that, to no surprise, failed after a few months due to cracking. Several of these earlier repairs ultimately made the roof worse off as the black, non-UV stable roof cement expands and contracts more than the roof below, pulling the already damaged roof apart further than when it started. Roof cement: start with a leak, and end with an ugly roof and an even worse leak.

We started by removing the large HVAC units that weren’t working and replaced that portion of the metal roof with matching R-Panels to back fill the holes. We then deep cleaned the roof and spent a lot of time removing the black roof cement where we could. Once cleaned, we used fabric and seam sealer over the large horizontal seams that spanned the roof. We also meticulously tested and sealed every fastener.

Once the seams, screws, and penetrations had been thoroughly addressed. We applied a clear polyurethane base coat, and the two white topcoats. No more visible roof cement. No more leaks.