office complex Museum district - houston, tx

Houston, TX – Same Day Flat Roof Repair: Major Leak Repaired In 3 Hours!

This 5-story office complex near the museum district in Houston, TX had a major leak that came in after a heavy weekend of raining. We were on site within 12 hours of contact and had their leak repaired for good in 3 hours.

We were directed to the all too common busted ceiling tile and trashcan on the ground. After removing the ceiling tiles and popping our head in the crawl space, we were able to locate the pathway the water was following using our FLIR infrared camera.

Once we verified that the leak was from the roof, not HVAC drain pans, or a leaking water pipe, we made our way to the roof. When we arrived on the roof, there was a plastic tarp sealed to the roof with roofer cement. Unfortunately, this roof ‘band-aid’ did not solve their problem as water continued to stream into the space during the next rain. We removed the tarp and located the part of the roof where water was entering using a Tramex moisture meter.

We then sealed around the area with base layer, and then top coated it with GE Enduris Silicone. While we were waiting for the base layer to dry, we inspected the rest of the roof and found another area where a leak was imminent. We fixed that area as well to prevent another future leak.

After completing the repair, we flooded the area with a hose for 30 minutes and let the water build up to an inch above the leak. Dry then. Dry now.