Office / Warehouse Houston, TX

Houston, TX – Leak Repair AND Preventative Maintence

Not every situation calls for a complete roof replacement. As much as we would have loved to install a new TPO roof system on these buildings, sometimes the world breaks out in a pandemic and the budget for a new roof goes towards keeping the lights on and employees paid.

The existing roof was a BUR tar/gravel that started failing in several locations around the perimeter as well as leaks around a few of the HVAC units. Instead of the band-aid and pray leak repair, our customer saw the tremendous value in not only fixing the leaks, but also fixing all the spots that were likely going to leak. We like to call this ‘Roofing Life Support’.

Following many of the same procedures we use on a full silicone restoration, we applied the alkoxy silicone around the entire perimeter and around all the penetrations. Some of the areas required repairs to the existing roof, but we were able to mitigate all the current roof leaks and give the building owner 5 more years at 1/10th the investment of a new roof. We also removed/replaced nearly 50 feet of the commercial box gutters that had been damaged over time and rusted through.

With 7 highly skilled roofers on the job, we were able to implement our roofing life support system on this 40,000 sqft property over Memorial Day weekend.