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Metal Roof Repair & Replacement

Metal is likely the most robust roofing system available today.  After all, you’d probably feel a lot more comfortable going 70mph in a car that is made of metal instead of asphalt. While metal is one of the more expensive options on the onset, metal roofs can last 30+ years on their own, and almost indefinitely with a timely restoration. Flat Roof Tech has repaired and restored the full gambit of metal roofs. From 2,000sqft residential roofs to a 286,000sqft industrial manufacturing facility – we know metal roofs.

With proper maintenance and restoration, metal roofs can last a lifetime. That said- there is a fine line between a metal roof needing restoration, and one that is too far gone. Much like the car analogy before- most car accidents can be repaired, but at some point, the car is totaled. Unlike an instant car accident, there is a few year period where metal roofs go from bad to unsalvageable. If you are having leaks or are concerned about the condition of your metal roof, contact us today for a free evaluation. We can repair, restore, and even replace metal roofs.

With the onset of rust, and even with small holes, we can fix the problem.

We start by sanding down the rust.

We then apply a primer coating specially manufactured for metal roofs. This coating serves two purposes. First, it prevents the continuing oxidation of the metal, eliminating future rust. Second, it serves as base coat to greatly improve the adhesion of the top coat. Without the metal primer, the top coat can adhere to the broken-down metal and have premature failure from poor adhesion.

For minor holes, we apply a metal roof specific adhesive, reinforced fabric.

The final step is the application of the top coat. We always prefer to use GE Enduris, but can also use acrylics when price, not longevity, is a concern.